5 Things To Do When Engaging A Media House

1) When you engage a media house, say for an interview or music submission it is important that you state your intentions clearly. Who are you? What do you do? Where are you based and How you hope to be assisted by the individual or the institution you are approaching.

2) In your email attach your Bio (This is your CV it tells your story, achievements and future plans and where your other work maybe sampled), attach a Cleary labeled song(not Aud20201315…… Yahkeem – isandla ft. Zipeqengeshe.mp3) [You may acknowledge your producer] you attach a press release(this states briefly what you have done previously and you are now coming with a single to be consumed when under which label and should parties be interested in granting you some airtime, who should be contacted.)

3) The body can just be Hi (state the name if you know the person) please consider our submission this a latest single from Zibaningeshe. You then proceed to state The Author, Composer and and… All real names.

4) Your email should always reflect your full details, Your name, capacity and contact details number and email address even if you think they can just respond be deliberate and play your part.

5) Always remember not every song you submit will be playlisted or fit the station’s identify. Don’t be bitter and Cass just work hard and keep sending your work if you are truly gifted a door will open trust me on that one.

PS: write full words, no slang these are not your friends even if they are.

Thank you.

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